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Sprinkler System Maintenance and Upgrades

For many customers, it is wise to consider the benefits of upgrading their lawn sprinkler system. Since the system was originally installed, changes in the lawn and landscape may be affecting the performance or uniformity of the sprinkler heads. Good uniformity means that a nearly equal amount of water is falling on each square foot of irrigated lawn or landscape. Sprinkler heads now available distribute water at a high level of uniformity and are very reliable and durable.

Modern control valves can also be installed that can provide peace of mind, especially important when the homeowner is on a summer vacation. New controllers for lawn sprinkler systems allow the customer to enjoy weather-based management of their system, thus ensuring maximum water savings and helping maintain a healthier lawn and landscape.

Lawn sprinkler system upgrades are done with minimal damage to the lawn or landscape. Warranties on parts and labor help to make the lawn sprinkler system upgrade a very sensible solution to defects anyone has in their present sprinkler system.

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Our most common lawn sprinkler system upgrades:

  • sprinkler head replacement – improves the uniformity of coverage with the goal of matched precipitation throughout each sprinkler zone
  • control valve replacement – new control valves increase system reliability
  • adding or relocating sprinkler heads – sometimes necessary because of improper installation or because of changes/growth of landscaping
  • controller replacement – increases the reliability of the system and can actually save water (and money) because of weather-based technology
  • rain sensor installation – avoids unnecessary watering cycles
  • raising sprinkler heads to proper grade – often necessary on older systems due to the natural build-up of lawn areas

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“For over 25 years you have always answered my phone calls. You have taken care of my sprinklers in the spring and fall, and repaired anything that has been defective. No complaints from me!”


Bernard K.

Council Bluffs

“You installed my sprinkler system in 1995. Over the years, each time the service calls have been at a convenient time for me. You have arrived on time and have been efficient, courteous, and knowledgeable.”

Marcia R.

Council Bluffs

“You have serviced and repaired my 10 zone system since 2001. You always came out the same day or next day for a needed repair. Thank you for being courteous, knowledgeable and reasonably priced.”

Bob H.

Council Bluffs

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