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Sprinkler System Repairs

At Bluffs Sprinkler Repair, our 30+ years of lawn sprinkler experience aids us in quickly locating and then successfully repairing sprinkler system problems.  Our service truck carries an inventory of parts and materials to allow us to stay on the job and complete the repair the first time. Repairs are performed only with prior approval from the system owner.

Repairs we routinely perform on lawn sprinkler systems:

  • repair or replace spray heads and gear drive rotor heads
  • replace defective valve solenoids and diaphragms
  • repair or replace defective valve manifolds
  • repair or replace sprinkler controllers
  • locate, repair or replace defective sprinkler control wires
  • add or relocate sprinklers to improve coverage
  • locate and repair sprinkler pipe leaks
  • locate and repair tree root compressions on sprinkler pipes
  • replace faulty wire connectors with waterproofed wire connectors
  • raising and straightening sprinklers to improve coverage

If you have any questions about lawn sprinkler repairs or would like to schedule an appointment with Bluffs Sprinkler Repair, please call or text (712) 309-2264.

What our customers are saying about us:


“For over 25 years you have always answered my phone calls. You have taken care of my sprinklers in the spring and fall, and repaired anything that has been defective. No complaints from me!”


Bernard K.

Council Bluffs

“You installed my sprinkler system in 1995. Over the years, each time the service calls have been at a convenient time for me. You have arrived on time and have been efficient, courteous, and knowledgeable.”

Marcia R.

Council Bluffs

“You have serviced and repaired my 10 zone system since 2001. You always came out the same day or next day for a needed repair. Thank you for being courteous, knowledgeable and reasonably priced.”

Bob H.

Council Bluffs

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