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Sprinkler Winterization Service

As in all northern areas, properly winterizing your lawn sprinkler system each fall in Council Bluffs is crucial in reducing many costly repairs each spring. Water remaining in your sprinkler system can freeze when temperatures drop, causing damage to the backflow preventer, control valves, sprinkler heads and piping in the lawn sprinkler system.  

   At Bluffs Sprinkler Repair, our lawn sprinkler system winterizing service includes properly shutting off the water supply to the sprinkler system, using compressed air at a safe pressure to remove water from each zone of the system, and adjusting valves for winter conditions.  (Sprinkler winterizing is often called “blowing out” the sprinkler system.)

  Bluffs Sprinkler Repair customers are contacted each September to remind them that they need to call or text (712) 309-2264 so a winterization appointment will be scheduled.  Lawn sprinkler winterization service is available from late September until mid-November.   

What our customers are saying about us:


“For over 25 years you have always answered my phone calls. You have taken care of my sprinklers in the spring and fall, and repaired anything that has been defective. No complaints from me!”


Bernard K.

Council Bluffs

“You installed my sprinkler system in 1995. Over the years, each time the service calls have been at a convenient time for me. You have arrived on time and have been efficient, courteous, and knowledgeable.”

Marcia R.

Council Bluffs

“You have serviced and repaired my 10 zone system since 2001. You always came out the same day or next day for a needed repair. Thank you for being courteous, knowledgeable and reasonably priced.”

Bob H.

Council Bluffs

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